This compilation of Original Songs by 13 Regional Artists is available for a Donation. The amount is up to you. ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE CONTINUING WORK OF CLEAN WATER KENYA.

Our good friend Bob Sites of Willow Hollow Productions in Latrobe, Pennsylvania came up with this fundraising idea a year ago. It’s a great album with wonderful music and stirring lyrics. Our many thanks to Bob Sites and also Gavin Adams of Gypsy Dragon Productions of Johnstown, PA. for his assistance in mixing and pre-mastering a number of songs and also Larry Luther of Mr. Smalls Studio in Pittsburgh, PA. for the Final Master.

Our special thanks also to the Artists who contributed their time and talents to this wonderful project: Bob Sites, Bob Derek, Chris Volpe, Lou LaManna, Dave Kindl, Duwayne Ladd, Walt Churchey, Sam Brant, Jim Griffith, Diane Cipa, Marianne McAuliffe, Tammy Colt and Spinnelody (Tammy J. Colt).

There’s something for everyone on this album: Folk, Rock, Punk, R & B, Blues, Rap, Americana, Bluegrass, Heavy Metal. You can also purchase it on Spotify, ITunes, Amazon and many other platforms – the entire CD for $10 or individual songs for $0.99!

Simply go to the DONATION PAGE and fill out the form and hit SUBMIT and this great CD can be yours!


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