June 1st – September 30th

$40.00 buys a complete Portable Water Filtration System (2 five-gallon buckets, 1 filter and a back-flush syringe) for 1 Maasai village.

Our Goal Is 100 Adopted Villages!

Each system will purify up to 500 gallons of polluted water per day for up to 5 years. Help Save Lives Starting Today! Join us in bringing clean, disease-free drinking water to the Maasai population of Kenya. To donate simply go to our Home Page and click on the “Donate Button” and follow the prompts. For every village adopted you’ll receive a Clean Water Kenya mug FREE from my personal stash! Thank You! Ken Clark – Founder


Zion United Methodist Church, Stahlstown, PA. Metropolitan Community Church of the Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem, PA. Alpha Lion’s Den Ministry, Derry, PA. St. Peters Episcopal Church, Blairsville, PA. Heritage UMC, Ligonier, PA. Heritage UMC, Ligonier, PA. Vacation Bible School St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ligonier, PA. Valley School of Ligonier 7th Grade – Karen Koza Valley School of Ligonier Anonymous Valley School of Ligonier Faculty and Staff William & Becky Dempsey, Anonymous, Dick & Karen Plyler, Gail & John Hugo, Ronald & Tambra Kline, Mr. & Mrs. J. Gercher, Leroy & Debra Mewherter, Laura & George Varga, Karen Noel, Heather & Lynne Flower, Karen Koza, Michael & Candace Springer, Pat & Brian Thrush, Duwayne Ladd, Robb Luther, Don Connors, Myrtle Luther, Marisol Hernandez, Mr. & Mrs. Gene Degitz, Rachel Walton, Gene O’Sullivan, Joanna Boldurian, Judy Shaffer, Barry Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. Brad Oliver, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Lance Brunton, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Yeskey, B. Ann Woodall, Mr. & Mrs. Terry Smith, Mr. & Mrs. David Cooper
Adopt A Village 2016 - Clean Water Water
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