Your donation helps bring clean drinking water to the most needful people in Kenya and saves lives every day. Every donation is 100% tax-deductible and every penny goes to the purchase and distribution of Chujio Water Filters and Rain Barrels in the Rift Valley and Eastern Kenya. Please make a donation today and receive that quality item which corresponds to the amount you’ve donated. You’ll feel good that you did.

Thank you so much for your work here with the Maasai. These filters are life-saving and very much appreciated by us all.

Dr. Mereu

The Ewaso Clinic

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Our school children are doing well and not getting sick as they used to. Your filter is doing a wonderful job!

Kisii County School Coordinator

Gilbert Okenye

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We will continue to share our experiences with our readers as we travel the Kenyan Rift Valley. If you enjoy learning more about the Maasai and their lives, please consider a donation that will help us deliver them clean water systems.

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