CIVILIANS IN THE IRAQ WAR: Other Sons and Daughters




Taken directly from the personal mission logs of the author, this compelling book recounts the untold story of the courageous civilian men and women who drove ‘outside the wire‘ to supply the United States Military with everything they needed to prosecute the war in Iraq.

This book highlights the real people who labored side-by-side with the military in combat delivering the “beans, bullets and bandages – the ‘stuff‘ of war” every day and night all the while dodging roadside bombs, rockets, RPG‘s and small arms fire as well as coordinated attacks with at times as many as 200 plus insurgents engaging their convoys. Characters like Hack, Maddog and Gidget; Wild Stallion, Cochise and Lucky Dog; Charlie Brown, DC and the author, Psycho. All traveled the dusty roads of Iraq doing a little-known but necessary job never seen on such a scale since World War II.

This is a personal recount of the 32 months the author spent in-country from 2005-2009 at the height of the Iraq War. Mr. Clark drove on 522 missions and his convoys were hit 254 times.

The author is the Founder of Clean Water Kenya.

All proceeds go towards the purchase of a Chujio Water Filter or Rain Barrel.


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