Sad News. Doctor Yusuf, a wonderful, compassionate doctor to the residents of Ngong Town and the Rift Valley and a good friend of Clean Water Kenya passed away this past March 5th.

Dr. Yusuf founded the ZamZam Medical Center in Ngong Town 16 kilometers east of Nairobi and served the community for many, many years. He leaves a lasting legacy of quality communal health service to all. The ZamZam Medical Center continues to operate with a new doctor and a staff of 13 administered by Doctor Yusuf’s widow, Rehema, herself a graduate of the United States International University in Nairobi.

As per the doctrines of Islam, Doctor Yusuf was buried within 24 hours of his passing.

Doctor Yusuf will be greatly missed by the community, his family and friends and especially by Judy and myself. His kindness, compassion and hearty laugh stills rings in our memories.



Rest In Peace, Doctor Yusuf.

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