It was a great day in MasaiLand! Over 2,000 Masai gathered to dedicate a New Manyatta (living enclosure) to the community. High Government Officials, along with Community Activists and NGO’s, including Clean Water Kenya, were on hand to enjoy and participate in the day-long festivities. Ken and Judy Clark, co-founders of Clean Water Kenya, were the Guests of Honor accompanied by the following Board members: Jeff Rock, Karen Justice, Dave Kindl, Laurel Thomas and our Director of Operations, Jackson Kanga and his wife Jane and daughter Joy. After the program ended, a goat and a bull were butchered for a late lunch in honor of the New Manyatta and the newest Masai Couple.

Nancy Milanoi was the Host and Benefactor for this new manyatta. She is well-known throughout MasaiLand for saving many young girls from the devastating consequences of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and getting them a quality education.

Clean Water Kenya delivered 110 Water Filters along with 24 Rainwater Barrels for the community. As Guests of Honor, Ken and Judy were inducted into the Masai Community for their 10 years of work delivering filters, barrels and medications on behalf of Clean Water Kenya. Judy received a new name: ‘Wise Elder Woman – Nashepi (pronounced Na-she-pie’) – which means ‘Happy Woman’ in the Maa language, and Ken became ‘Ola Moran’ – ‘The Elder Warrior’ – to be known as ‘Ken Ola Mayianna Ole Clark’ – ‘One Who Brings Water.’

If you are a supporter, thank you and know that the good work we do in Kenya could not be done without you. If you would like to support Clean Water Kenya with a donation, you can do so here on our website or send a check to: Clean Water Kenya, P.O. Box 861, Ligonier, PA. 15658. Thank you for your support!

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