Thank you to everyone who sent good thoughts and prayers our way, shared our work and appeals on social media and contributed to the cause of Clean Water Kenya.

I’m pleased to announce we raised $2673 and will now purchase 121 Rain Barrels to be distributed to Maasai villages in the Rift Valley of Kenya by the end of this month – just prior to the scheduled rains.

These Barrels are desperately needed due to the ongoing 5 year drought and will be a welcome blessing to the struggling Maasai.

Watch for updates in April on the distribution of your life-saving gifts!

On behalf the Maasai People, Clean Water Kenya and myself, from the bottom of our hearts, WE THANK YOU!
Water is a Human Right

Robb (65)

Robb Luther is a Partner at the Inbound Agency, Pittsburgh Internet Consulting and Vice President of Business Development. He has been diligently working for the past 20+ years helping B2B companies grow their business through improvements in website usability and conversion rate optimization.

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