Once again we’ll be packing two hard-shell suitcases full of Water Filters and will hold our seminar at the Ewaso Clinic. We look forward to meeting with up to 100 village representatives when we hold the seminar later this month.

The day after we land in Nairobi we’ll pick up our 2 safari vans and head downtown to buy our medical supplies and 200 buckets. Then return to our hotel where we hope to get a good night’s sleep and then leave for the Interior early the next morning.

I’ll be driving one van and ‘Action’ Jackson, our ‘go to guy’ and good friend, will be in the lead in the other van. Brian and Judy will trade on and off riding in each van. We expect to be at the clinic by noon. After lunch, we’ll head out further and visit some villages we supplied with Water Systems on our last trip in March and see how everyone is doing. When we return we’ll pre-drill the holes for the filter tube connection and apply our Clean Water Kenya stickers. Then maybe an evening stroll through Ewaso to see what kind of nightlife it offers.

The next morning we plan on holding the seminar at the clinic and finishing up by noon. We’ll then share a meal of Chapati (goat meat pita), sodas and water and then walk to the large market that’s held on the edge of Ewaso. The Maasai come from miles around every Monday and Thursday to sell there goods at market. There are well over 100 stalls set up by the vendors. They carry everything from fruits and vegetables to homemade goods such as brooms, wooden bowls, jewelry, firewood, charcoal, cooking items, clothing, fresh meat and just about anything else you might find at a Farmer’s Market here at home – just everything in this market has a little twist to it. You can even get some fresh goat meat and intestines roasted to your personal taste. That’s one delicacy you won’t find in too many farmer’s markets in the U.S..

That afternoon we’ll head for Nairobi and hope to not get back too late. That probably won’t happen because nothing ever goes as planned on these trips and besides that, there’s something known as Kenyan Time and Everybody Else’s Time. That’s something you have to experience for yourself. It’s a little difficult to explain.

The next day we’ll relax with an early morning safari in Nairobi National Park which juts right up against the southern part of the capital city of Nairobi. We’ll see up close and personal four of the BIG FIVE of Africa: Lions, Hippos, Rhinos and water buffalos. We’ll also see zebras, gembok, antelope, giraffes, wildebeest, ostrich and later see rescued baby elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary.

The next day we’ll fly out of Nairobi close to midnight for the 24 hour journey home. This should be a very memorable trip and one that will put our Portable Water Filtration Systems in 100 more villages bringing our total this year to 185 villages, 1 small hospital, 2 rural clinics, 1 school and the homes of 3 volunteers who help us on the ground. That equates to roughly over 18,500 Maasai people who now have access to clean disease-free drinking water.

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