It will be a very busy two week trip to Kenya and the Rift Valley in September. My current trip tasks are as follows:

1. Get through customs without a hassle this time;

2. 3 seminars in 3 different towns over a 3 day period (distribute 100 water filter systems);

3. water testing in 10 areas where our villages are located;

4. GPS document water sources and villages for grant application information;

5. meetings with 2 county water officers, the MP (governor) of Kajaido County where we work and Dr. Wanga Mburu (the owner of Chujio Ceramics – a
ceramic pot filter factory;

6. set up a test plot area for 4 ceramic pot filters;

7. catch up with some old friends and congratulate Jackson (our go-to-guy in Kenya) and his lovely bride Alice on their upcoming marriage set to
occur this coming Saturday August 5th.


Lots to do and little time to do it. By the end of this trip Clean Water Kenya hopes to have 285 villages on-line with the filter systems and rain barrels that YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS have provided. Without YOU none of this is possible.


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