Not a fancy title, just the facts.

Clean Water Kenya needs a small cantor truck in Kenya. A ‘Cantor Truck’ is the U.S. equivalent of a small body stake truck with a box to haul goods. We rent one each time we make a distribution or delivery of our filters.

Rental fees are high for a cantor truck in Kenya. They run $180.00 per day. Rent can be even higher if we need a van. Vans run $120.00 per day. We use vans when we have fewer filters to deliver.

Since 2015 Clean Water Kenya has accrued roughly $10,000.00 in truck and van fees. That equates to over 400 families and/or small villages going without clean water. These fees will only go higher as we continue our work in Kenya until we’re able to purchase our own truck.

Can you help us purchase a good used truck in Kenya? Any amount will help. We are running this Truck Project on a website called Benevity.Causes as well as here on our website.

When you donate, please indicate on your online donation or check the word TRUCK and that amount will be set aside for the purchase.

We know this is a lot to ask during these difficult times. We’re looking towards the future. Our mission is to help as many rural Kenyans as possible gain access to clean water on a daily basis. Having our own Cantor Truck will help us facilitate our mission in the most effective manner possible.



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