In these times of uncertainty in not only our nation but in the world at large, we here at Clean Water Kenya wanted to reach out and check in on our friends, neighbors, and supporters.

  1. How are you doing?
  2. Are you doing your best to stay healthy, both mentally and physically?
  3. Are you staying connected to the people in your lives as best you can?

In accordance with local, national, and global directives regarding Covid-19, we are staying the course with our mission of providing clean and healthy water for both drinking and cooking, to the rural tribes of the Maasai. Our next overseas trip was scheduled to take place in early May 2020, with our founder Ken Clark traveling to Zakaria Gakunju Primary School, located two hours north of Nairobi in Gatundu, Kenya. The entire school and each individual classroom were to receive filters, and many more filters and education were to be distributed to the nearly 200 students’ families. This plan will continue once the coast is clear.

Although the virus has reached Kenya, as soon as the travel bans are lifted and safety has been established, rest assured that your support will be disbursed amongst the people that need this help so much. We have always believed in the power that a small group of people has, to change the world; and now the
world is coming together in the face of adversity in a truly unprecedented manner. We are cautiously optimistic that the tide will soon turn, and when that happens, we will be more focused than ever before.

These times are precious.

You have truly meant so much to us over the years, and we wish for your strength and continued good health. We are active on our Facebook page, website, and emails so please do keep in touch. Our thoughts are with you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Amber Clark (1)

Mrs. Clark has over 20 years in Retail and Corporate Management having worked as a Financial Analyst for Primerica Financial Services and Victoria’s Secret.

She is a United States Marine Corps Veteran holding the equivalent of an Associates Degree with a Certification in Electronics and Air Traffic Control (1994). She studied Music and Minored in Spanish at Seton Hill University (1992) and holds a Certification in Microsoft Project Online from Northhampton Area Community College in Northhampton, Pennsylvania (2015).

Amber is a dynamic Public Speaker and Motivator and has worked with the Pennsylvania Legislature to enact Pennsylvania Act 159, an amendment to the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code that increases the fines for illegally overtaking a school bus and which created a fund called the “School Bus Safety Grant Program” which allows for automated enforcement of the School Bus Passing Law through external stop arm cameras.

In conjunction with PA. Act 159, Mrs. Clark also created the “Red Means Stop”, a social media prescence with a Facebook Page, in an effort to create awareness and support for her cause.

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