2017 Can Can Challenge!

Our Goal is 150 Rainwater Storage Barrels between Feb.1st and March 17th

$2673.00 was raised for 121 Rainwater Storage Barrels! GREAT JOB EVERYONE! Your Barrels will be delivered by my birthday, March 25th! THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!

Crossing the threshold of a new year is like navigating a dance floor: getting in the rhythm, showing off your moves, trying not to crush your partner’s toes and holding out hope that the fun and good times will never end.



Help Us Hit Our Goal!!

We here at Clean Water Kenya continue our gyrations on the stage of the Rift Valley and ask you to join with us. This year’s ADOPT A VILLAGE ’17 Campaign is called the CAN-CAN CHALLENGE and brings to mind that classic French music hall dance of the 1840’s. The Can-Can is a high-energy physically demanding dance. The life-threatening dance the Maasai are engaged in during this ongoing drought is also physically demanding.

For the 5th year in a row the rains have not arrived as expected. They have been late, light and sparse. The watering holes have all but dried up; the streams are nothing more than dusty ruts running through the parched landscape; the livestock are dying where they stand and the Maasai are struggling to survive.

100% of your donations goes toward the filters and equipment to deliver clean water to the Maasai. All travel and expenses are paid for by the volunteers.

Thank you so much for your work here with the Maasai. These filters are life-saving and very much appreciated by us all.

Dr. Mereu

The Ewaso Clinic

Rainwater Storage Barrels (25-gallon trash cans) are used to store siphoned rainwater from the roofs of Maasai huts for use during future droughts. A typical Maasai roof is about 225-300 square feet. A lot of rainwater can be siphoned off a roof this size even during a short light rain.

$22 purchases 1 Rainwater Barrel including a lid that helps keep out contaminants and animals. The lid also helps slow evaporation.


Our Portable Water Filtration Systems are currently in 185 villages, 1 school, a small hospital, 2 rural clinics and the homes of 4 volunteers giving access to clean disease-free drinking water to over 20,000 Maasai men, women and children on a daily basis. An estimate of upwards of 725,000 gallons of filthy water has been filtered through our systems since we began this project 1 year ago today. 30 Rainwater Storage Barrels are now in 15 villages serving 60 Maasai families. We hope to raise enough funds ($3300.00) to purchase 150 Rainwater Storage Barrels between Feb.1st and March 17th for delivery prior to the next short rainy season beginning late April. Can you help?




A Special Thank You to our Donors


Mr. & Mrs. John Gercher
Mr. & Mrs. William Dempsey
Rachel Shaw
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Hidinger
Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel DeRose
Amy Byrum
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Thrush
Rick Schwab
Jan Bishop
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Cashen
Myrtle Luther
Eugene & Jacqueline Degitz
Helen Lockard
Bobbie Sarvey
Mr. & Mrs. Rex Slaughter
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gray
Peggy Ohl
Nancy Brallier
Ellen Walton
Mr. & Mrs. David Maddox
Mr. & Mrs. Mark McClain


St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ligonier, PA.
Apostolic Gospel Church, Ramsaytown, PA.
Heritage United Methodist Church, Ligonier, PA.


McClain’s Jam Cycles


PKD Family Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Foundation

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