Our 2016 Adopt A Village Campaign – Clean Water for the Maasai

We did it! 130 Water Filtration Systems!

Our 2016 Summer Adopt A Village campaign was hoping to receive 100 Water Filtration Systems between the months of June – August. These Portable Water Filtration Systems deliver disease-free clean water to the Maasai in Kenya who do not have normal access to clean water.


We reached our goal!

Why Is Water A Big Deal In Kenya?

Clean Water Kenya works in a semi-arid region of the Rift Valley approximately 50 km due west of Nairobi. The only source of fresh water is what the Maasai collect from polluted watering holes and streams which are dependent on two short rainy seasons. Many eventually dry up long before the next rainy season begins.

Water in general is a scarce commodity in Kenya – clean water even more so. There is no infrastructure in the area of the Rift Valley where we work. This simple, sustainable System is the answer to a complex problem.

Clean Water Kenya

Ewaso Clinic

Planning Our Campaign

Our Adopt a Village ’16 program goal was to provide 100 Portable Water Filtration Systems to Maasai villages in Kenya.  100% of donations go to the purchase of these Filtration Systems.  All travel and food expenses are paid for personally.

Kick-Off At The Roadhouse

Clean Water Kenya held its first official board meeting on April 7, 2016 at Dave and Carol’s Roadhouse in Ligonier.

One of our topics of discussion was fundraising.  We wanted to develop a campaign that really represented our goals and would have a sustainable momentum.  The idea that we kept coming back to was Adopt A Village.

When you consider that one $40.00 water Filtration System can provide 500 gallons of water a day, one filter donation can have a huge impact on an entire village.

Carol and Dave's Roadhouse

90 Day Goal: 100 Water Filtration Systems

A number of discussions were held through email between Jeff Rock, Diane Cipa and Ken Clark and the campaign was finalized in late May.  The team brought a variety of experience in finance, creative thinking and goal setting to the table and through these efforts the 100 Water System goal was met 6 days prior to the 90-day goal.


To reach our goal we engaged different media outlets: the Ligonier Echo in Ligonier, PA., the Jeffersonian Democrat in Brookville, PA. as well as our Facebook page. Individuals who contributed $40.00 received a mug as a thank you and a way to garner interest.

The campaign ends three weeks prior to our trip to Kenya and we are so happy that we have exceeded our goal!

LIgonier Echo Reports on Clean Water Kenya Trip

Thank You For Contributing To Our 2016 Adopt A Village Campaign!

Metropolitan Community Church of the Lehigh Valley – Bethlehem, PA.
Heritage UMC – Ligonier, PA.
Vacation Bible School
Alpha Lion’s Den Ministry, Derry, PA
St. Peters Episcopal Church, Blairsville, PA.
Heritage UMC, Ligonier, PA.
St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ligonier, PA.
Valley School of Ligonier
 7th Grade – Karen Koza
Valley School of Ligonier
Valley School of Ligonier
Faculty and Staff
Pittsburgh Internet Consulting
William & Becky Dempsey, Anonymous, Dick & Karen Plyler, Gail & John Hugo, Ronald & Tambra Kline, Mr. & Mrs. J. Gercher, Leroy & Debra Mewherter, Laura & George Varga, Karen Noel, Heather & Lynne Flower, Karen Koza,  Michael & Candace Springer, Pat & Brian Thrush, Duwayne Ladd, Don Connors, Marisol Hernandez, Myrtle Luther, Mr. & Mrs. Barry Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. Brad Oliver, Joanna Boldurian, Gene O’Sullivan, Robb Luther, Mr. & Mrs. Lance Brunton, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Yeskey, Judy Shaffer, Rachel Walton, Gene & Jacqueline Degitz, B. Ann Woodall

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