Portable Water System


500 Gallons of Clear Water a Day for Five Years.



This portable water filtration system purifies local drinking water of the harmful bacteria that causes typhoid, cholera, botulism, amoebic dysentery, chryptosporidium, giardia, E.coli, salmonella and other diseases that are deadly to the Maasai.

These gravity-fed water filtration systems purify up to 500 gallons of water per day. This works out to an average of 5 gallons of clean drinking water per person per day. This is a life-saving device.

Properly maintained these systems last up to 5 years. Maintenance consists of back-flushing the filter with clean water with the syringe provided in the kit until the filter is clean.

Each system consists of 1 Filter System, 2 five gallon buckets and 2 lids.

Every village has at least one person trained on the construction, use and maintenance of this system and is designated as the “person-in-charge.”